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Tailored programmes and 1 to 1 football coaching specifically designed for each individual to help develop them technically and physically. To find out more information or to book your child into a programme near to you, please contact us on 07841 976 408 or email

You can also book online and take a look at our other products HERE.

Above all, each programme will be designed specific to the individual needs and expectations. Activities can therefore include the following;

  • 1 v 1’s – Attacking & Defending Principles

  • Ball Mastery & change of direction

  • Positional Specific Practices

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Agility & speed

  • First Touch

  • Travelling with a ball

  • Shooting/Finishing

  • Passing/Striking Techniques

  • Psychology

We offer tailored coaching programmes and 1 to 1 football coaching to children & youths who wish to improve and develop while having fun. Therefore, sessions have a strong emphasis with technique to help young people advance within the sport they love as a result.

Sessions are very popular with football, but we are experienced at delivering 1 -1 tutoring sessions for a range of individual and team activities as well as 1 to 1 football coaching due to the diverse nature of our coaching set up.

Our sessions are designed to be fun, dynamic, creative and challenging due to our desire to get the best out of young players.


To register for a place please email and quote ‘Private 1 -1’ in the subject. You can also contact us on 07841 976 408.

Following an email enquiry, we will contact you to help complete your registration and to learn more about your child’s needs.

Following the challenging past couple of months, we recognise the sizeable impact the lockdown has had on many young children – both emotionally and physically.

We recognise the huge role sport plays with helping children grasp the necessary physical and life skills. We are committed to providing bespoke coaching programmes & opportunities for children to be the best they can be. We also recognise the impact professional coaching can have on children, particularly helping develop confidence, inspire, build self-belief, and encourage a positive mindset.

We have developed a fun activity model for children that will help elevate performance and prepare children for the new season in September.

  • We are offering 3 sessions for the price of 2

  • We aim to get children back engaged in the sport they love

  • Additional fun blocked sessions at a reduction of 25%.

  • Parents and children will also have the option to bring a friend to make the experience even more fun and exciting, allowing parents to split the cost

Our measures will be to manage social distancing for the coaches, parents, and children, ensuring cleansing measures for any equipment that may be used, maintain stringent hand cleaning on site and tightly manage activities to prevent unnecessary contact. Cramlington in the Community has also committed to a COVID – 19 Safeguarding Policy which sets out our responsibilities and measures.

  • 1 v 1’s – Being creative

  • Learn Ball Mastery & skill

  • First Touch

  • Shooting/Finishing

  • Passing/Striking Techniques

  • Football Psychology

  • Goalkeeping


Goalkeeping Coaching

Goalkeeping coaching has become increasingly popular over the past couple of seasons.

With the changing role of the ‘sweeper keeper’ and the necessary attributes, players are now wishing to develop the fundamentals from a younger age. Goalkeeping has recently become even more ‘cool’, and the Premier League & FIFA have contributed to this developing profile.

As part of our 1 – 1 Technical Tutoring programme, we are delighted to be offering 1 – 1 goalkeeping sessions.

We can tailor a programme to each players needs, strengths and weaknesses so that goalkeepers start seeing results in a short period of success. Our approach to training goalkeepers stays the same, irrespective of the technical ability and age/stage of each goalkeeper. Each goalkeeper will receive a pre evaluation profile, and will receive ongoing consultation. feedback, goalsetting & action plans.

The programme will take in and sometimes combine the essential attributes such as;

  • Handling

  • Footwork

  • Distribution

  • Decision making

  • Reactions

Finally, our programmes provide;

  • Fun Learning Environments

  • Evaluation/Progress Reports

  • Affordable & Flexible Terms

  • Fantastic Training Locations

  • Suited for children of all abilities

  • UEFA/FA/NGB L2 Qualified Development Coaches

  • Potential Pathways to Academy Football & Elite Sport

1 - 1 Session Fees

30 Minute sessions @ £6.00 per session

60 Minute sessions @ £10.00 per session (Includes evaluation)

10 x 1 (Block Booked) 60 Minute sessions @ £90.00 per session (Includes evaluation)

To find out more information or to book your child into a programme near to you,

please contact us on 07841 976 408 or email

You can also book online and take a look at our other products HERE.

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We are passionate and motivated to making the difference, and allowing all children to be the best they can be in their chosen sport. We value the importance of providing enriched opportunities that inspire and motivate both boys and girls, providing both intermediate & advanced learners pathways into broader participation, club or academy environments and future employability.


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