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Before and After School Clubs

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and after school clubs for children of all abilities and ages;

  • Environment: Children are allowed to experiment with new and engaging practices whilst in fun and safe environments.                                                   

  • Touch: Sessions are created to allow each child maximum time with equipment and a ball to increase confidence leading to ball mastery within a range of team games.                                                                                          

  • Skills: Children are coached numerous skills they can use within games. These skills therefore allow children to defend and attack with confidence.                                                               

  • Creativity: Children are encouraged to express themselves when in possession of the ball and be creative when possible.                                     

  • Game situations: Every session will always include a variety of small sided games to develop the Invasion principals of attacking, defending, team work and decision making. We believe games are certainly the perfect environment for any child to develop and improve their technical ability and decision making.

Recognition and achievement: At Cramlington in the Community our philosophy allows us to provide individual feedback and recognition to all children that attend after school clubs and other extra curricular activities. We present a range of awards, therefore contributing to developing confidence and creating positive environments.

Physical Education & Games

The organisation can offer tailor made and bespoke sports curriculums which are specific to the needs of each Infant, Junior and Primary School. Moreover, our experienced and professional coaching staff ensure that all children are actively engaged, challenged and motivated to achieve in after school clubs, PE and other activities.

We can provide a fully comprehensive curriculum that illustrates key learning objectives through Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Our planning is Ofsted approved, and our ability to be flexible has proven to be a true success story.

Most importantly, we recognise that sports and activity helps develop positive social behaviour with both young children and youths as a result.

Key Stage 1

We recognise that children should be receiving the very best sports education available to them, because we understand the importance of exposing children to a variety of sports and exercises.

KS1 Games & PE should be largely built around Movement Literacy. The ability to link movements together, and then apply them to sport specific environments is paramount.

PE teaching and learning needs to be varied, dynamic and inspiring. Above all, learning should be liberating not laborious.

The learning experience allows children to plan, apply, perform, and improve skill and technique. Moreover, we believe the underpinning ingredient to performance, application and success is confidence.

Children will develop fundamental movement skills, become increasingly competent whilst accessing a broader range of opportunities to further extend their agility, balance, speed and coordination.

Key Stage 2

The syllabus we offer schools at KS2 enables Intermediate and technically proficient children the opportunity to thrive within a range of activities. Children need to develop a wider understanding and appreciation of games, rules, performance, and competition. How to self reflect and evaluate, as well as referee certain games are also key skills.

We believe in a Sport for All attitude that enables all children the opportunity to embrace sports and activity and develop the confidence that is required for them to succeed.

We recognise that sports experiences from 5 – 11 are an integral component to the future growth and well being of children, developing their perception of healthy living whilst teaching them valuable life skills.

Similarly, challenging the Talented and Gifted, and helping create new pathways of opportunities for the more advanced child, is also extremely important when working within education, after school clubs and extra curricular activities.

The support and guarantees we offer;

  • Tailor made programmes that meets the schools objectives    

  • Expectations are met giving added piece of mind                     

  • Full day and half day programmes available                             

School Fixtures

Cramlington in the Community have experience supporting school fixtures through after school clubs. We understand schools are very busy throughout the year and recognise the pressures and challenges staff are placed under as a result. 

We offer the following;

  • Administration: We will arrange all fixtures within all sporting areas. Communicate with other P.E. coordinators regarding times/dates/venues. Ensure the venues are booked allowing for a smooth fixture and stress free experience.                                                                                                             

  • Coaching: Our qualified staff will be responsible for setting up the venue ready for the fixture, taking the team as soon as they arrive and ensure the children have fair game time. The coaches provide game related coaching and tactical guidance.                                                                                          

  • Reports: Our experienced staff will provide a thorough report upon request, providing feedback regarding performance, developmental points and levels of attainment.

Breakfast & Lunch Programmes

Cramlington in the Community are now offering a fantastic opportunity for schools to implement a new healthy & sporty Breakfast/ Lunch time club initiative for all children from Reception – Year 6. The initiative will consist of the following components;

  • Variety of sports activities including Invasion, Netball and fielding games.

  • Indoor/Outdoor sports (weather dependant).

  • Ownership with all administration.

  • All staff experienced, Fully CRB / Safeguard Checked & Insured.

To help combat issues surround obesity, the childhood obesity funding plan has been introduced to assist schools and providers. We therefore recognise the following findings;

  • 88% of schools noticed improved attainment and attendance following sport before school.

  • 94% of schools had seen more positive social skills as a result.

  • 93% noticed improved concentration levels.

  • 74% of schools noticed improved behaviour.

  • 75% noticed improved relationships between the school and the parent.


Cramlington in the Community specialise in supporting Nurseries and pre Schools. We believe children exposed to sports and activities at the earliest possible age increase confidence and positive social behaviour as a result.

Cramlington in the Community also partner with local clubs and schools to offer Community Sports Initiatives in line with the Football Associations Club/School partnership model, therefore helping to contribute to grassroots level sports.

Our Nursery model is based around team activities and movement literacy.

Benefits for School / Nursery

  • More active and healthier children

  • Access to affordable professional sports coaching

  • Increased funding opportunities

  • Community links / social benefits

  • New exit routes for children and pathway into club sport

  • Support with extra-curricular activities

  • CPD opportunities for staff

Playing a sport at a young age allows a child to improve performance mentally and physically. Encouraging children to partake in Physical exercise at a young age is essential to developing a positive attitude.

We recognise that increased participation in sport develops children athletically, improves movement literacy, coordination, balance and decision making as a result. Whilst the programme will also promote positive behaviour, children will strengthen social skills including communication and self-esteem.

Coaching expertise:

Finally, we have an excellent team of experienced coaches who support pre-schools and nurseries.

Our coaches are all screened and undergo internal training. In addition, coaches are all Advanced DBS cleared, Insured, Emergency Aid trained and have attended Safeguarding courses.

Coaches possess NGB recognised qualifications and possess minimum 3 year experience.

You can book on to any of our after school clubs or other activities HERE.

About Us

We are passionate and motivated to making the difference, and allowing all children to be the best they can be in their chosen sport. We value the importance of providing enriched opportunities that inspire and motivate both boys and girls, providing both intermediate & advanced learners pathways into broader participation, club or academy environments and future employability.


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