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Anti-bullying policy


Cramlington in the Community believe that it is a basic entitlement that they receive our services free from humiliation, oppression and abuse.  It is our responsibility to ensure that children and young people learn in a safe supportive environment. 


Bullying affects everyone, not just the bullies and their victims.  It can have a devastating effect on those being bullied and can be traumatic for those who witness it.


Bullying is a rare occurrence, but it can happen in some learning environments.   We work hard create an ethos that protects children and young people from unpleasant behaviour.  We are committed to responding to incidents immediately.


Our behaviour policy does not condone any form of bullying, whether physical or verbal. 


Definition of bullying

Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally.  Bullying can take many forms and is often motivated by prejudice against particular groups, for example on grounds of race, religion, gender.  It might be motivated by actual differences or perceived differences.


Bullying thrives in an atmosphere of secrecy with victims and witnesses fearing reprisal if they report it.   

Bullying can occur through several types of anti-social behaviour, including:

  • Physical: being physically punched, kicked, hit, spat out;

  • Verbal: can take the form of name calling, teasing and taunting.  It may be directed towards gender, ethnic origin, disability, religion or belief;

  • Exclusion: not including in discussions, activities, games;

  • Damage to property or theft: personal or organisational belongings being damaged, hidden or stolen.

  • Intimidation: making rude gestures and intimidating someone;

  • Cyber-bullying: threats or rude messages through social media platforms.

Action taken by Cramlington in the Community

All complaints and concerns will be taken seriously and dealt with quickly, sensitively and firmly.


If bullying is suspected, then the suspected victim may be spoken too.   This will be done within a confidential environment.   Help and support will be offered as appropriate to both the victim and the perpetrator.

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