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Behaviour Policy



The aim of this policy is to ensure that everyone feels valued and respected and that each person is treated fairly and well.  Cramlington in the Community cares and our values are built on mutual trust and respect for all.


  • Maintain a safe and secure learning environment by creating a safe, secure and supportive, relaxed and happy atmosphere for all;

  • Develop an ethos in relationships which encourage mutual respect and trust amongst all;

  • Enhance self esteem of individuals through positive reinforcement, praise and encouragement.;

  • Valuing the contribution of each individual;

  • Promote positive behaviour and reduce negative, unacceptable behaviour through appropriate strategies; and

  • Encourage self discipline to ensure appropriate behaviour is maintained at all times.


At Cramlington in the Community everyone has the right to:

  • Feel safe, happy and secure in all sessions and activities;

  • Be able to learn without threat or disruption from others;

  • Know that bullying and any form of negative behaviour is unacceptable; and

  • Be listened to and treated fairly and sensitively.

It is the responsibility of everyone involved with Cramlington in the Community to ensure that these rights are adhered to during all activities, sessions and any interaction with Cramlington in the Community.


No one should bully or humiliate another person.  Reassurance will be given that such behaviour is not acceptable.

General rules

We aim to keep rules to a minimum.  They exist for the safety and well being of all.

  • Respect and understand the needs of others;

  • Treat others appropriately at all times;

  • Help and encourage others;

  • Be polite;

  • Be honest and fair;

  • Take responsibility for actions and behaviours, and any consequences;

  • Behave in all activities and sessions, including arrival to and departure from venues;

  • Respect others property and that of the Community; and

  • Use any communal areas and toilet facilities sensibly and responsibly.

Activity rules

Members of the Community know their rights and responsibilities and all agree on a set of rules to promote positive behaviour during any session they participate in.

Strategies for promoting positive behaviour

  • Good quality coaching and learning;

  • Interesting and exciting learning;

  • Clear and consistent expectations;

  • Praise for good behaviour and performance;

  • Celebrating success;

  • Involve members in making rules and agreeing consequences;

  • Members are listened and given opportunity to discuss behavioural issues; and

  • Peer mentoring.

Strategies for responding to unacceptable behaviour

  • Unacceptable behaviour includes:

  • Any intimidation, physical or verbal aggressive or threatening behaviour;

  • Bullying;

  • Racist abuse;

  • Any forms of fighting;

  • Lying to get out of a difficult situation;

  • Swearing;

  • Rudeness to anyone;

  • Disrupting the learning of others;

  • Any damage or theft to property; and

  • Any behaviour which puts the health and safety of others at risk.

Consequences may include:

  • Disapproval or verbal reminders;

  • Discussion with a parent about behaviour; and

  • Removing from an activity or session.

If unacceptable behaviour persists, it may be necessary to review the member attendance.  This may result in a temporary or permanent removal.

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